Broadcasting Guidelines

Step 1

Download a broadcasting software and update the encoder settings

  • To start, you will need to install broadcasting software on your computer. In this instruction, we use OBS as an example.

Adjust the encoder settings

  • Click Settings
  • Click on Output
  • Switch the Output Mode to Advanced

Broadcasting Guidelines


Output Resolution: 1920x1080

Video Bitrate: 3000-4500

Framerate: 30fps

Rate Control: VBR


Output Resolution: 1280x720

Video Bitrate: 1500-3500

Framerate: 30fps

Rate Control: VBR


Output Resolution: 854x480

Video Bitrate: 500-2000

Framerate: 30fps

Rate Control: VBR


Output Resolution: 640x360

Video Bitrate: 400-1000

Framerate: 30fps

Rate Control: VBR

Step 2

Getting your RTMP LINK and Stream Key

To start your live stream in you need to be signed in.

  • Click on the DASHBOARD in the top right corner.
  • Copy and Paste the Information into your streaming software.
  • Paste the RTMP LINK and Stream Key into OBS.

Note: If you are using the custom rtmp url of to Tiger Network. Please contact customer service to enable "Compatibility Mode" on your restream account.

If possible the live streaming should not exceed 4-5 hours. To avoid technical issues in processing videos.

Congratulation you can now Start Streaming in your broadcasting software.
And share videos with us.